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Whether you are an experienced crypto professional or a total novice (not even heard of Bitcoin?), right now you have the chance to get yourself a 100% free crypto currency coins. There are a limited number of coins being given away and the offer closes soon. Remember you have nothing to lose and these coins are being given away TOTALLY 100% FREE.

How to get FREE coins...

Simply register your details on a couple of websites and the coins will be sent to your electronic wallet (which is also FREE). All it requires is a few minutes to fill in some details. It's all explained on this website, and again, remember, it's all 100% totally free.

Why are these coins being given away for FREE?

Within the crypto currency space it is common for companies to launch new coins and get a broad user base by offering an initial batch of coins for free through a process called an "airdrop". An airdrop works the same way as a food company offering free samples in a superstore. 

It's a simple marketing offer that creates a genuine opportunity for people to learn more about crypto currencies.

It's like owning shares

Another big advantage for these particular type of coins (which are also called "Tokens") is that the coins have the ability to payout dividends on any future profits made by the company. If the launch is a big success then your coins could become VERY valuable and even provide you with a long term regular income. 

Who is giving away these coins?

There are two companies behind this exciting offer:

Stockholm IT Ventures (SITV). SITV are a publicly listed company on Frankfurt stock exchange, one of the biggest exchanges in the world. You can find our more about their stock listing and current share price here

The other business involved is a private member only investment Club called the Angel Business Club. The Angel Business Club is one of the world's largest and fastest growing investment crowdfunding clubs. The Club invests in young businesses and owns real shares in those companies. It is a significant shareholder in Stockholm IT Ventures.  

Stockholm IT Ventures have already offered an airdrop to the general public which has now finished and the only remaining FREE COINS are available exclusively to members of the Angel Business Club. The Angel Business Club is is a premium membership club but you can join for free and still take part in this brilliant offer.

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for "Initial Coin Offering". ICO is the crypto equivalent of an "IPO" (Initial Public Offering) in the stock market. An ICO is a simple and effective way for crypto companies to raise funds to help them expand their businesses. In 2017 over $7 billion was raised via ICO's worldwide and this figure is set to grow substantially over the coming years.

What is the name of the coin on offer?

Bytemine (BYTM). It is not just a coin but also a "token" which means it will pay out up to 50% share of all future profits, paid automatically to all token/coin holders. So, all in all, it's well worth registering for because there is absolutely no financial cost to you whatsoever!