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Refer Others - Receive More Free Coins

As a thank you for getting the word out there about Bytemine, you can earn even more free coins by simply inviting others to get their own free coins. For every person you refer who registers, you will receive an additional 20 BYTM coins.

Share this link:

simply replace '31462' with your own Angel Business Club user ID number

and replace 'paulhardingham' with your own Telegram username

It's so simple to get more free coins.

To make it really simple to refer others, all you need to do is share this website (see the link above).

There's just a couple of things you need to know before sharing this site.

1) Your Angel Business Club member/user ID number and 2) your Telegram username.

Here's how to get your Angel Business Club member/user ID number:

Step 1: Login to your Angel Business Club account here:

Step 2: Go to the "settings" menu option ( and tick the box half way down the page that says "I want to participate in the affiliate program". Re-enter your password and click "save settings".

Step 3: While still logged in, go back to the home page: and on the left hand side, scroll down until you see "your account summary". This contains your 5 digit user ID number. Make a note of your number.

Example of user ID number 15969

Here's how to set/find your Telegram username: 

Login to your Telegram account and select the menu option (three horizontal bars on your home page), then choose "settings". In settings and you can enter or fund your telegram username there. Once you have chosen your telegram username, it's best not to change it.

How to select the menu option in Telegram